Bell Steel Golf Scramble Raises over $20K for ICAN

Bell Steel Golf Scramble Raises over $20K for ICAN

Bell-Steel-Golf-Scramble-2016-[ican]-(4)On March 22nd, Bell Steel presented ICAN with the proceeds from the First Annual Bell Steel Golf Scramble at Arizona Biltmore Country Club Golf Course that took place on March 4th.

Bell Steel was able to raise $20,666.00! ICAN‘s Positive Programs for Youth mission is to provide free comprehensive programs that empower youth to be productive, self-confident, and responsible members of the community.

“We were totally blown away by the turnout, enthusiasm and participation of everybody. We had no idea the turnout would be this huge, and this was only the first annual tournament. Cheers to more to come!”  – Cassie Patris-Browne

Bell Steel’s Annual Golf Scamble turned out to be a huge success, thank you to all the sponsors and everyone who made it happen!

“I just want to thank everybody for coming out, this was a great event, and you guys all made it happen. Thank you for participating, as I can’t emphasize enough of what this goes to at the end of the day. These kids are great and the programs that they are pushing to expand into, which is an internship with business owners and people that want to give back. It takes kids from a good program to transfering into adulthood. So really consider that when you put down your email, respond to it because it can be a really good thing for your company to give back in a good way in your community. -Billy Bell

About ICAN:

In 1991, local Chandler resident, Henry Salinas, founded ICAN after growing up in the local Arizona neighborhood and facing the harsh realities of teen gang violence that existed. In 1997, the organization moved to its first permanent location in downtown Chandler after becoming incorporated in 1994.

ICAN has grown remarkably over the past decade and continue to impact the many of kids positively day in and day out. Bell Steel looks forward to doing many things together in the future.

Learn more about ICAN by visiting

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